Our first european multichannel survey, petition and referendum service is in progress. Stay tuned ...

We are specialized in projects, which innovate business models by using digital internet platform technologies.

In our current EUROPINION project we are implementing a multichannel online petition platform. The business model is built on the following guiding principles:

  • The EUROPINION service is independent and promotes direct democracy.
  • Everyone can participate and create a petition, referendum or survey for free.
  • Each petition, referendum or survey gets a separate advertising account.
  • Adverts income from individual petition, referendum or survey will be shared according to agreement for charitable contribution, platform base operation and development expenses, survey adverts and petitioner expense allowance.

The platform for petitioners

It can be very expensive to change something in the world. Politicians are financed by taxes. Lobbyists are supported by big companies. But who supports people, who are not into politics? We have ability to do this! We rely on adverts funding only, to stay independent. All platform visitors are generating adverts revenue and supporting the petition, survey or referendum automatically.

Platform purpose

Secure online survey, petition and referendum implementation. Low barriers for participants, extensive background information and social features (e.g. pro & cons, news, discussions).

Petitioner support

Predominant share of adverts income will be used for survey promotion and petitioner sponsorship.

Multichannel access

Platform access via mobile App (Android and iOS), browser or embedded in external partner websites.

Identification and authentication

Automatic low level identification based on mobile device or browser fingerprint without registration and sign on. Stronger authentication based on Facebook or SMS authentication with mobile number validation (e.g. if needed for online referendum signature).

Get In Touch

Please let us know, if you are interested in our business, technology or cooperation.


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